Perfect and comfortable VVVF Moving walk

No.Standard ordnanceOptional
1Control system●Step integrated type○Monarch  ○Omron PLC
2Inverter●Step integrated type  ○No○Monarch  ○Yaskawa
3Inverter detect○No      ●Correlation○defuse reflection ○multi function column ○Radar
4Passenger detect switch●Autonics○No  ○CEDES   ○TELCO
5Comb plate●Aluminum○Yellow plastic
6Skirt panel●Stainless steel SUS430○Stainless steel SUS304
7Handrail guide rail●Stainless steel SUS430
8Cover plate (deck)●Stainless steel SUS430○Stainless steel SUS304
9Balustrade●Transparent tempered glass○SS SUS430   ○SS SUS304
10Handrail color●Black○Gray ○orange ○Green ○Beige
11Handrail type●Rubber○Polyurethane
12Traction●Jiali   ○Torin○Jiali motor with Siemens reducer
13Handrail entry●Arc faceplate○Vertical faceplate
14Step type●Aluminum○Stainless steel
15Floor plate●Aluminum○Stainless steel
16Fault code display●up level fault code display○Down level fault code display
○Up& down level fault code display

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